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Have you ever heard of the Buddy Bench?

Bench Buddy For Kids

Have you heard of the Buddy Bench?

Many schools are installing these benches in their schoolyards to help eliminate loneliness and foster friendships through active play.

The concept is simple:
A child who has no one to play with sits on the bench and other school kids are taught to approach the sitting child with open arms and a game to play. It’s working wonders for building team sportsmanship, self-confidence, and optimism!

If your school does not have a buddy bench, I recommend bringing it up in the next PTA meeting to get more children actively moving during recess.

Joyce Blonskij, Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coach™

Stay motivated with one of my favorite quotes:
I got this quote from my health coach years ago and I love it. (Yes – I have a health coach too and he is awesome!) It goes like this: “There is never a good day to start a diet, but it’s always a great day to start getting healthy”. This goes with my coaching philosophy that no one needs a “diet coach” because we all know how to diet and lose weight, but the real key is keeping it off and living a longer healthier life. As an Independent Certified Health Coach I help clients with a one-on-one approach to reach a healthy weight safely and quickly while learning lifestyle habits that will give them the tools and skills for lasting long-term success.

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Getting Healthy Together!

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Joyce Blonskij is an Independent Health Coach serving families in the Sacramento Valley and across the United States. Her proven system has helped her clients lose weight and learning the daily habits of good health, they are having long-term success. This ripple effect of health has transformed families and with her help is leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. If you or someone you know is open to exploring better health, contact Joyce for a free phone consultation and meal plan. Email Joyce at: joyce@healthcoachjb.com Call or Text: (916) 812-2378

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